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The mobile-friendly update is on its way!

Earlier this year we wrote in another article how important it is to create a website for mobile users. Today we want to remind everyone, because Google's new update sneaks closer.

Why so much noise for this mobile-friendly update?

It hardly occurs that Google announces changes to its search algorithm as heavily as it does now with the mobile-friendly update. The innovations that will be implemented from April 21 will have a major impact on the mobile ranking and will have even more effect than the infamous Panda and Penguin update. According to, this information is not a speculation but a tough statement from Google_Webmaster_trends employee Zineb Ait Bahajji. It is only the question how large the percentage size of the effect is. What does Google focus on in the mobile-friendly update?

With the new update, Google is not about filtering bad websites (non-mobile-friendly sites) from the search results, but encouraging website owners to create better websites for mobile users. "Better" means in this case:

  • flawless
  • good operation (no horizontal scroll)
  • no "pinch-to-zoom" (a move that smartphone and tablet users often use to zoom)
  • fast loading
  • no flash
  • good operation with left navigation
  • only relevant information for mobile users

Optimize mobile websites: yes or no?

In the message from Mitul Gandhi of seoClarity of the SMX in Munich one can read that the search on mobile devices accounts for 30% of all searches. In fact, it is a large number when it comes to conversion (a process whereby the visitor of a website is led to a certain action, a purchase, a download or perhaps the registration for a newsletter). What the consequences for individual branches will be is not yet clear.

In general: user-friendliness is at the forefront

The more user-friendly a website is on a mobile device, the higher the probability that this website will be visited again. This applies to both mobile and desktop searches. Where one should not underestimate each other's addition.

How do I make my website mobile-friendly?

For those still at the beginning state of the mobile optimization process Google has created a manual. It is easier and often cheaper to change to a platform that has already realized this, ask us about the possibilities on 010 22 33 701