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Do more with your Blog and Menu

With an abundance of new functions,
we have put a number of points on our Blog and Menu applications. We like our customers to be aware of our latest developments.


By means of our new integrated ‘’Blog Editor’’ we give you the possibility to send content directly from your site parts. In this way our customers can keep their own blog and easily share. You can create and manage messages yourself great to see on all devices.

The new ‘’Blog Editor’’ has many different options to offer, so you can you place group messages in different categories, tags on messages adding so that they are easy to find and a platform is provided for users so that they can post comments.


Special for our customers from the hospitality industry we designed a ‘’Menu Editor’’. This is easy to work with and offers you have the opportunity to create a menu online which is always up to date. The different menu templates make it very easy to change your menu in to one completely different look. In addition, templates contain a number of extra functions that allow you to offer your customers quality service. These additional functions include various icons for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy-free.

In addition, each menu can also be printed so that the paper menus always match the website.